TEFL Courses

Your entry to TEFL course instruction that will qualify and prepare you for teaching English abroad!
This directory includes a list of our international standard TEFL courses and tefl mn-at-white-board-short-hair (1)certificate; our TEFL courses accreditation from the Thai Ministry of Education, a thorough description of our TEFL Course fees and content, our fun grammar test, our TEFL course start-up dates and locations, descriptions of all our TEFL course training locations, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Khon Kaen with a link to a map of each one; depictions and descriptions of our TEFL certificate, course description, and individual performance evaluation documents by the TEFL courses trainer and TEXT-AND-TALK Academy; what our TEFL course trainers say about their training duties and why they undertake it; and what both TEFL course trainees and graduates have to say about their TEFL course, including the means to communicate with them via email.

  • Our TEFL Course Menu
    • 6-Week Certificate Course
    • TEFL Home Study Finishing Course!
    • Upgrade & Refresher Course
    • The TEFL Diploma Advanced Skills Course

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